Company Overview

Early stage biotechnology company developing novel kinase inhibitors for cancer. Inspired by the desire to treat patients we are relentlessly focused on developing the next generation of kinase centric treatments, with better efficacy and selectivity profiles. By focusing on addressing the unmet medical need to provide treatments for patients who develop resistance to existing kinase inhibitors we are uniquely positioned for rapid market entry. Our founders have extensive Oncology experience in drug discovery, clinical development and commercialization and a passion to bring life extending medicine to patients in need.

Scientific Advisory Board



  • Complete cure in protein kinsase driven cancers is rarely achieved. Secondary kinase mutations lead to recurrence.
  • With our proprietary technology we can generate unique compounds potently active against protein kinases with a focus on those harboring secondary mutations.


  • A rapid discovery platform: Kips technology with tunable affinity and selectivity for a broad range of kinase classes;  Novel workflow for the rapid identification of specific kinases using these KIPS as starting materials.
  • Tailored drug design with molecular precision: Highly versatile system. Multicomponent rapid chemical synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and structural biology to design custom kinase inhibitory properties.
  • A proprietary kinase inhibitor library:  Using our scientific expertise and proprietary technology we have generated a library of compounds that includes many best-in-class drug candidates.  Our discovery engine constantly expands and refines this library.